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Molly McNamara creates jewelry pieces full of personality—jewelry that entertains and inspires. Many of Molly’s designs impart a whimsical quality, but underneath that playfulness resides a devotion to craftsmanship and a deep understanding of fine arts.

Molly McNamara’s early work drew on her study of elemental shapes and a driven curiosity about how geometric forms could fit together. Her classic pieces like Saturn, Tapestry, and Cubism show this geometric interplay at its most elegant. Later, the spirit and symbols of her New Orleans home began to find a presence in her work, especially after the city’s mayor commissioned Molly to design a fleur-de-lis key to the city. Her imagination opened up possibilities of new fleur-de-lis designs, which she incorporated into earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Meanwhile, New Orleans iconography began appearing in works like Marie Laveau, Voo Doo Baby and Oyster.

When Molly’s daughter became a toddler, Molly’s designs revealed a new sense of wonderment and discovery thanks to a world reflected through the eyes of a child. Mother-daughter explorations in the garden inspired pieces such as Fairy Wing, Monarch Wing and Oak Berries. A love of dress-up games gave Molly the idea to dress up King Cake Babies in various costumes. This collection, one of Molly’s most popular, represents Molly’s growing interest in marrying classic New Orleans symbols with childhood fun.

Molly McNamara’s artistry keeps evolving and finding expression in her jewelry. As she draws inspiration from her city and the people in her life, her skill and craftsmanship as a jeweler continues to deepen.

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