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Marie Laveau Collection

Maria Laveau, the famous voodoo priestess, worked as a hairdresser for wealthy women in New Orleans, and some say her influence came from the gossip and informants she cultivated on the job. Whether the source of her power depended on voodoo magic or a penetrating insight into human nature, she reigned over the city in the 1800s and remains revered to this day.

This pendant representing her crypt, which devotees still visit and mark with three X’s to be granted a wish, is a testament to a fascinating woman and the mysteries of old New Orleans.

Earrings and pendant are embellished with glass beads in four colors: red, dark blue, light blue and light green.

Marie Laveau Earrings w Drop Marie Laveau Pendent Voo Doo Peace
  Marie Laveau
Comes with sterling ear wire and your choice of glass bead color.
Pewter: $44
Brass: $64
Sterling: $152
Marie Laveau
Comes with 25" 2.4mm nickel plated steel ball chain and your choice of glass bead color.
Pewter: $48
Brass: $ 68
Sterling: $168